DCS Software Engineering Ltd. was established in 1994 to service the needs of major power station projects, and continues to provided specialised DCS services to the Power and Oil/Gas industries.

Focusing mainly on ABB/Bailey Infi-90 systems, DCS Software Engineering Ltd. has the the in-house expertise to engineer and manage DCS projects, and has access to a considerable network of outsourced engineering services.

With our partners across Europe and the Middle East, we are also able to provide engineering and management services for formal system analysis and audits, design studies, auditing and project execution services relevant to all aspects of plant control.

Over the years the company has gained significant expertise in specifying and implementing comprehensive software configuration management, providing protection for your investment in control system software.

The company has also become the focal point for software tools and solutions to enhance ABB/Bailey Infi-90 DCS.

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